Safe Region – Safe City

The Project “Safe Region – Safe City” responds to security threats on the local level and the need to increase citizens’ feeling of safety. For the purpose of increasing feeling of safety and reducing crime, the project promotes coordinated information sharing, current situation analysis, shared responsibility, thinking ahead and planning and realization of specific activities. The project has been applied in more than 35 communities in the Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic.

The two most important pillars of the project are work with the community and coordinated cooperation of all relevant actors. The activities targeted at the community aim at ensuring objective perception of security by the citizens, involving the citizens to the process of building safe communities and increasing feelings of safety. The project sets up institutional cooperation of all relevant actors in a way that cooperation is no more based on informal relations, it is coordinated and effective.


The project started in April 2014 and is still running.


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