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Our Chair

Alma Herrera
Alma Herrera
EUCPN Chair until 31 December 2023
Spanish National Police

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More information on the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union can be found here.

The Spanish presidency will focus on trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation. Human trafficking can be considered as the contemporary form of slavery of the 21st century, which constitutes a serious violation of the dignity and freedom of the person and a form of serious crime. Moreover, it is important to highlight that specific groups, such as vulnerable people, especially women, children and men in delicate physical or economic conditions, are the main targets of this type of criminality.

Spain approved a National Strategic Plan against Trafficking and Exploitation of Human Beings 2021-2023, which establishes five priority objectives and sixteen lines of action that affect both public institutions and the third sector. 

Furthermore, the Spanish Presidency of EUCPN has the following three priorities: 

  1. European Crime Prevention Award and Best Practice Conference Topic “trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation and other ways of exploitation”
  2. Topic EU policy and strategy of crime prevention
  3. Seminars in the field of prevention

Our staff

  • Dorien Stevens
    Dorien Stevens
    policy and strategy officer
  • Thomas Van den Berghe
    Thomas Van den Berghe
    policy and practice officer
  • Stijn Aerts
    Stijn Aerts
    research officer
  • Sarah Bosman
    Sarah Bosman
    research officer
  • Katrijn Hoedemakers
    Katrijn Hoedemakers
    communication officer
  • Glenn Asselman
    Glenn Asselman
    administrative officer