Safe Neighbourhoods in Køge

Safe Neighbourhoods in Køge is a project, where the Police have been cooperating to a much higher degree than they usually do. The Police have been cooperating with local professionals and residents in a Social Housing organization, to be able to crack gang-related crime and reshaping a safe environment in a socially deprived area, thus preventing social unrest, and the moving out of residents. The stakeholders have been using inside knowledge about individuals and families and have been gaining access to mutual data, including the use of observations from the residents to dissolve the gang.

The project continues as a crime prevention effort, where the local Police are paying the neighbourhood a monthly visit, having a crime prevention meeting with local stakeholders, and using the ‘Mobile Police station’, when meeting local residents. The project reaches out with job and educational support to the boys and young men in the area.


The project started in August 2017 and is still running.


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