Neighborhood conciergerie

The “neighborhood conciergerie” is a local public service developed by the municipality and aims to facilitate and encourage relations between residents (and people who work but do not live) in a neighborhood (perimeter) strictly defined in the territory of the municipality.

Improving the quality of life and the environmental neighbourhood is the main goal of the project. Sentiment of insecurity can take many forms therefore we had to create “a space” for an efficient process communication at all levels :

  • Inhabitants can come to share their observations, queries and report problems of insecurity
  • All actors of the designated area can have a follow up of their queries and a deadline for the solution proposed
  • All the people working for the municipality is therefore only devoted to this specific area. They are well known and acts as referent for the citizens (Agent loyalty from sector of Conciergerie de Quartier)

Specifics communications tools were implemented :

  • Files structured (jobs descriptions, organizations...)
  • Work Procedures
  • Function descriptions
  • Recipients file (Central Cartography)
  • New record of findings

This is a continuous improvement process


The project started in October 2017 and is still running.


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