Living Life without Violence

Living Life without Violence


The project Living Life Without Violence is primarily focused on the prevention of all forms of violence (predominantly domestic violence, followed by other types of violence including peer violence and violence against women) and is targeted at children and young people between the ages of 13 and 14. This project, which is aimed at creating a culture of nonviolence and tolerance, is comprised of three components: interactive workshops at schools, conceptual art programmes with the play Violence, there is no excuse for violence and interactive youth debates in the police premises. By means of these three interrelated components, children acquire knowledge on the causes and consequences of violence as well as the necessary steps which need to be taken when violence occurs and are encouraged to choose the proper reactions on negative incidents, to create their connection with individuals, friends and the whole environment, through a personal nonviolent engagement. Seeing as this is the stage of youth development when their identity is becoming fully formed, a positive attitude in society and a constructive approach to solving violence issues are instilled. The police involvement in the area of violence prevention is evident in this project police is involved in every aspect of project implementation, in collaboration with an international organization, civil society organizations, artists and the local community, in creating a safer environment i.e. “a community that cares”. A systematic project evaluation is conducted, in collaboration with lecturers, providing a picture of youth needs and a review of what has been learned.


The project started with implementation in November 2010 and is still ongoing.

Last review: January 2020


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