Child Police Station

The project Child Police Station is a long-term preventive programme of the MoI for early prevention among adolescents. It also fulfills one of the main tasks of the police, namely to be close to the public and sensitive to the problems of the people. The project is implemented as an extracurricular training. The idea is that children, while having fun, get knowledge about protecting their lives and the lives of their friends, coping with difficult situations and various challenges at home, at school, in the mountain; their rights and responsibilities to society; teamwork, respect and tolerance for the opinion of others and those different from them.

The project Child Police Station it is realized by MoI officers and various partners (MES, MYS, MJ, BRC, BTU, BOC, and NAMRB).

For the implementation of the programme there has been developed a Methodological Handbook for police officers working with the programme Child Police Station. The Handbook includes various topics distributed in several modules (First Aid; Child Police Personal Protection; Road Safety; Social Skills; Health, Ethics and Law; Nature Camps). At the end of the training, a review or competition it is held, to demonstrate the acquired knowledge and skills, and the volunteers are awarded diplomas for completion of a two-year course in the Child Police Station Programme.


The official start date of the project was 16 May 2016 and the project is still running.


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