Toolbox 16 - Preventing drug-related crimes

This 16th toolbox in the series published by the EUCPN Secretariat deals with the main theme of the Finnish Presidency: the reduction and prevention of drug-related crime and the harm caused by drug use among young people.

Know what you are dealing with and act accordingly. It sounds simple, but in practice it is rather hard to follow. This toolbox is a guide to help you achieve your goals and prevent drug-related crimes effectively. Part One describes the phenomenon and offers a way of knowing what you are dealing with. Once this is established, Part Two complements the first with an overview of effective approaches. A dedicated section with recommendations lists the core ideas and ties Parts One and Two together. Part Three presents the winners of the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA), while all entries can be found in the Annex.

EUCPN Secretariat, April 2020, Brussel

Table of contents

Executive Summary.
1. Know what you are dealing with…
The chicken or the egg?.
Different pathways, different approaches.
Crime and substance use among young people.
Drug-related crime among substance users.
Understanding the problem.
Local realities.
2. …and act accordingly.
Preventing problematic behaviour among young people.
Preventing drug-related crime among substance users.
The European Crime Prevention Award.


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