Work Programme 2024

Every year the European Crime Prevention Network draws up a work programme that defines all the activities the Network is going to complete that year, in order to promote the achievement of the strategic goals. The Belgian presidency aims to strengthen European multidisciplinary cooperation in security and safety. Besides police and private security agencies, community guards, volunteers (such as football stewards) and citizens also help ensure security.

his EUCPN Work Programme succeeds that of 2023. The Work Programme 2024 is in accordance with Article 4 of the Council Decision 2009/902/JHA and Article 12 of the Rules of Procedures for the EUCPN. The EUCPN Secretariat is funded by ISF – Police until the end of June 2024. Therefore this Work Programme only covers the first half of 2024. As soon as the new project starts a new Work Programme will be prepared. 



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