Together we can do more

Through its Community Policing Strategy, the police played a proactive role, identified community needs and mobilized various community stakeholders to contribute to the efficient prevention, both in terms of primary and criminal prevention. By mobilizing the local community, the police managed to clearly define the objectives and measuring results that were later confirmed by the evaluation.

It can be concluded that the prevention project entitled “TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE” has contributed to a successful primary prevention aimed at preventing the abuse of drugs and other addictive substances, vandalism, peer violence and other forms of punishable behaviour, as well as some categories of crimes.

Through the project activities, the police have reconfirmed its position as a significant factor in a community which contributes to the safety and security of the community together with other stakeholders.

Strong and lasting partnership has been established between the police, civil society organisations and relevant institutions, thus providing for long-term cooperation, and a systematic and multi-sector approach to problem solving.
The value of the project was recognised and six years after it started, it was implemented all around the Republic of Croatia.


The project started on 15 July 2004 and it is still running.
Last review: January 2020.


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