Integrated community policy/service: ‘from complaining to regaining’

Integrated Community Police Service


The neighbourhood of Bernadette, a social quarter of the City of Ghent, experienced serious harassment behaviours and acts of vandalism among problem youngsters who lived in difficult family situations. After having noticed these problems, the Community work Service decided to take on the coordination of the fight against nuisances.

The integrated community work, a close collaboration between different partners, directed by the Community work service of Ghent, bends the deteriorated relationships to renewed and positive networks. To achieve this, they work on three tracks:
    • Achieving an integrated approach of all partners, including the local police;
    • Enhancing the active participation of all residents, including the youngsters;
    • Active involvement of the local authorities, including the mayor.

To combine these three tracks, all partners take an open, learning and outreaching work attitude. New incidents and positive actions are continuously evaluated and responded to. Each partner works on the edge of his proper professional mission. The combination results in a positive atmosphere. Public intimidation and violence disappeared almost completely and through public activities, such as clean-ups and multicultural breakfasts, residents (young and old) are caring more for each other and their neighbourhood.




The project started in 2009 and is now finished.
Last review: October 2015


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