I have a choice

A national preventive project initiated in 2012 in which the police in the implementing of preventive activities connected with Roma associations, civil society organizations and educational institutions.

The purpose of the project "I have a choice" is to strengthen the democracy and to prevent all forms of hate. The project activities are also focused on the prevention of peer bullying and vandalism, domestic violence and violence against women, risky and socially unacceptable behaviour of children and youth, drug abuse and other addictions and on reducing the risk of human trafficking and strengthening the traffic culture. The project also includes the strengthening of the social inclusion of minority social groups in the social community with a focus on dialogue and respect for cultural similarities and differences through a culture of tolerance, non-violence and non-discrimination.

The target group of the project are children, at the age of 10 and 11 years, but also parents and teachers.

The project is being developed through 10 components for a period of one year and consists of the following project components:

“The policeman – a friend and a supporter“, “I do not buy in a human trafficking store“, “Say no to drugs“, “Similar, but different“ , “Be a man, change the rules”, “Respect our traffic signs”, “Art and music workshop – I have a choice”, “The life on the Police Academy”, “Opportunities fair”.

Croatia is one of 12 countries participating in the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015, and the goals of this project are harmonized with this international initiative.


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The project strarted in 2012 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020