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The Granny Scam The telephone rings at a victim’s (“Granny’s”) place. Unsuspecting, the victim assumes that the caller is a friend or relative. The victim starts guessing who is calling, utters several different names of family members (in most cases, grandchildrens’ or nephews’ names), the fraudster picks one and claims to be that person.

Later, the caller describes his financial emergency situation and asks the victim for cash. It is not unusual in such cases that victims lose all their savings; often, this loss entails serious emotional distress, even physical ailments. Crime prevention proves difficult; potential victims are often inaccessible to speeches or campaigns. Bank staff was found to play a crucial role in prevention; so this campaign, in cooperation with Austrian National Bank and Chamber of Commerce, is geared to informing and motivating the general public and bank staff in particular; it includes an information film entitled “The Granny Scam”

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The Project started in April 2015 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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