EUCPN - Criteria for the evaluation of crime prevention practices (Qualiprev)

The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) provides a platform for its members to discuss and disseminate best practices in crime prevention. Essential in identifying best practices in crime prevention, is the evaluation of crime prevention projects. A crucial step in any evaluation process is the identification and registration of indicators (EUCPN 2013, UNODC 2010, Morgan & Homel 2013). Indicators provide measurable information on the implementation, efficiency and effectiveness of a crime prevention programme. They can be applied to evaluate projects against specific criteria in an intersubjective and rigorous manner. Information on the identification and use of indicators in the evaluation process of crime prevention projects is nevertheless currently lacking. The EUCPN has therefore commissioned this study to provide an overview of relevant indicators and their application in the evaluation of crime prevention projects.


(Lithuania has translated the tool, see below.)