Combating burglary

Several different sections of France’s national Police Force work together to combat burglary.

The Central Directorate for Public Security, in charge of combating petty and small-scale crime, has a number of operations in place. One is called Tranquilité vacances (“Holidays without worries,”) and it provides security for residences while the owners are away. Another, called “Participation by the Citizen” sees security as a joint product of the Police and the general population, and brings the two together.

Information gathered about burglaries is analysed by a special software tool. The scientific and technical resources of the Police have permitted the recovery of 176,000 traces of fingerprints and biological samples, enabling the identification of half of the burglars questioned.

The Central Direction of the Police Judiciaire, is responsible for dealing with the most serious robberies. The SIRASCO contributes to the evolution of strategy for the Police Judiciaire at national and local level, giving particularly targeting habitual offenders and organised criminal networks.