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4-5 novembre 2014

Ethical Issues in Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking

The 14th High-level Alliance against Trafficking in Persons conference “Ethical issues in Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking” aims to further enhance the coherence of the international action in this important field and continue to advance the implementation of OSCE commitments and other relevant international obligations to combat and prevent trafficking in human beings in all its forms.

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Vienna, Austria

17-19 novembre 2014

11th International Center for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) Colloquium

The proposed theme for the 2014 Colloquium provides a valuable opportunity to focus on a growing phenomenon the increasing mobility of society and the development of technologies we use. The Colloquium will also explore the outcomes of this phenomenon; namely the emergence of new types and trends of crime, as well as changes in ongoing issues (e.g. domestic violence). This in turn demands a more comprehensive approach involving a highly diverse range of national and transnational partners. While these changes have drawn the attention of security and criminal justice sectors, intelligence services and law enforcement, there is a strong case for increasing initiatives and strategic responses that emphasize prevention as a means of addressing root causes.

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Palermo, Italy

18 novembre 2014

Victim Support Europe Conference “Victims of Crime Beyond 2015” – European Parliament Event

The purpose of the event is to present Victim Support Europe’s strategy 2014-19 to the newly elected MEPs. It will also be the opportunity to raise the awareness about the importance of the full implementation of the Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime by November 2015 as well as about the necessity to further strengthen victims' rights beyond 2015. If you are interested in attending, please contact Hélène Heinrichs at by 30 October 2014 latest.

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Brussels, Belgium

20-22 novembre 2014

The 4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape: Rape, survivors, policies and Support Systems a European Challenge (IV ICSoR)

This conference will be hosted by the Association of Women against Violence in collaboration with Rape Crises Network Ireland. It will contribute to the continuing improvement of the knowledge of the impact of Rape on Survivals and the work of the experts, researches and support systems, following the outcomes of the previous ICSoR conferences. Moreover the 2014 Conference will introduce the issue related with the fulfilment of the State’s due diligence obligations to prevent Human Rights violations, specifically rape; to investigate all crimes of rape and punish the offenders; to protect and to provide remedy and reparation to all victims/survivors. The objective is to challenge the EU institutions and European policy makers to be engaged in a common European approach, to provide comparable data collection on rape and to implement, effectively, policies measures that really prevent and combat sexual violence and rape. This conference intends to contribute for the change of the actual situation, from an almost invisibility and impunity of rape cases to an informed, empowered and active citizenship through a Human Rights advocacy approach. This conference will also provide the opportunity to share the expertise of the most prestigious academics, professionals and policymakers and to contribute to a future European common approach on prevention and combat against rape.

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Lisbon, Portugal

20-21 novembre 2014

First International COSA (Circles Of Support and Accountability) Conference

This conference takes place in the framework of the European project Circles4EU. The project aims to implement Circles of Support & Accountability, an innovative method of post-release monitoring of sex offenders with the help of volunteers, across Europe.The conference will be an ideal opportunity to learn about COSA, how it works and why it works, and what the critical elements for successful implementation are.

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Barcelona, Spain

21 novembre 2014

HOTT PROJECT: International Symposium Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removall

The conference aims to bring together experts and researchers, who deal both theoretically and practically and from the perspective of different disciplines with victimss rights and provide assistance to victims of violence and other forms of crime, and to enable a comprehensive exchange of experience and knowledge. Within the main Conference topic, the legal framework at international and European level, as well as current legislations, policies and practices of different countries will be critically reconsidered from the point of view of providing effective protection to victims and improving their overall position.

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The Hague, The Netherlands

27 novembre 2014

5th Annual International Symposium on Preventing Human Trafficking: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution

The problem of human trafficking is an increasingly disturbing phenomenon in Europe with terrible consequences for victims, the majority of whom are forced into various forms of sexual and labour exploitation. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 20.9 million people worldwide were trafficked between 2002 and 2011, and numbers are not likely to decrease. In order to encourage greater political will, facilitate policy discussion and explore comprehensive solutions to properly recognise the needs of all victims of human trafficking, Public Policy Exchange is proud to host this annual symposium and welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders. The Symposium will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate. Delegates will: Discuss current policy initiatives and priorities in Europe in the field of human trafficking Raise awareness of the various dimensions of human trafficking and examine the needs of victims of trafficking Explore possible solutions for creating more robust and integrated multi-level structures to improve co-ordination and information exchange between relevant agencies Share best practices and establish recommendations for future actions at policy and practical levels

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Brussels, Belgium

27-28 novembre 2014

5th Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia Victims' protection: International law, national legislations and practicee

The conference aims to bring together experts and researchers, who deal both theoretically and practically and from the perspective of different disciplines with victimss rights and provide assistance to victims of violence and other forms of crime, and to enable a comprehensive exchange of experience and knowledge. Within the main Conference topic, the legal framework at international and European level, as well as current legislations, policies and practices of different countries will be critically reconsidered from the point of view of providing effective protection to victims and improving their overall position.

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Belgrade, Serbia

28 novembre 2014

Conference on Protection Orders in the EU Member States

During the conference the results of the Daphne III Project ‘Protection Orders in the European Member States’ (POEMS) will be presented. This project aimed to make an inventory of protection order legislation and practice in the Member States, to identify best practices and possible gaps, and to evaluate the level of protection offered to victims. Also the recently introduced European Protection Order will be discussed in the light of the results of the POEMS project. The ultimate goal is to enhance the protection provided to victims.

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Lisbon, Portugal

3-4 décembre 2014

6th IJJO International Conference: “Making Deprivation of Children’s Liberty a Last Resort. Towards evidence-based policies on alternatives”

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the implementation of international and regional initiatives in this field led by the UN, the European institutions and civil society, the Conference will address the need to improve the effectiveness of the policies and programmes aimed at breaking cycles of violence in its different stages, with the priority given to alternatives to detention, mediation and conflict resolution in a social, family and community environment.

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Brussels, Belgium

4-5 décembre 2014

EUCPN Best Practice Conference and European Crime Prevention Award 2014

The highlight of the EUCPN year is the Best Practice Conference (BPC) for sharing and disseminating experience and knowledge of best practices in preventing crime and increasing safety and security in EU Member States. This conference is always held in connection with the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) contest. The conference consists of lectures and seminars as well as the presentation and discussion of the projects nominated for the ECPA contest. The ECPA aims to reward the best European crime prevention project. Policymakers, practitioners and researchers from all EU Member States, candidate countries and relevant organisations are usually present at the conference. The theme for the 2014 ECPA and BPC is 'prevention of trafficking in human beings'.

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Rome, Italy

19-21 janvier 2015

European conference ‘Administrative approach to organized crime’

From 2013-2015, the city of Genk is running the European project Administrative approach to organized crime: support European local authorities in combating local outcomes of organized crime. In cooperation with the Dutch Regional Information and Expertise Centre and the Danish Crime Prevention Council, the administrative approach methodology that has been set up in the Netherlands, has been translated to the Belgian context and has been transferred to a third Member State country, namely Denmark. The results of this project and the lessons learned will be presented and disseminated to a wider European public in this 3-day European dissemination conference.
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City of Genk, Belgium

26-30 janvier 2015

World Congress on Juvenile Justice

The aim of the Congress is to work together to take a decisive step forward in the implementation of child rights and international norms in relation to juvenile justice.

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Geneva, Switzerland

25-27 février 2015

International Conference “Violent Conflicts 2015”

Are we living in a decade dominated by an underestimation of forms of violence causing a lack of investment in prevention and intervention? The international Conference on "Violent Conflicts 2015: The violent decade?! Recent Domains of Violent Conflicts and Counteracting" in Bielefeld provides a state-of-the-art description and analyses of current inner-societal forms of violence which have the potential to cause massive crisis within as well as between societies.

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Bielefeld, Germany

26-27 février 2015

The International Crime and Intelligence Analysis Conference 2015

The conference is THE event for intelligence professionals, analysts, community safety officers, investigators, and researchers interested in intelligence-led policing, problem solving, partnership working, crime prevention, and the analysis that underpins decision making.  The conference appeals to practitioners and academics, albeit with all content directed at practical means for improving policing and public safety. The conference is primarily a training event through the many classes that are on offer; an opportunity to learn from good practice from the presentation of real world cases, applications and problem solving; from the latest research that has a very strong operationally applied focus; and from key leaders who are innovating new ways for delivering policing and community safety services.

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Manchester, United Kingdom

10-11 mars 2015

13th Annual e-Crime and information security Congress – Recognizing the value of electronic data and minimizing the opportunity for its misuse

Globally recognised as the leading platform for sharing strategic, operational and tactical knowledge, Congress unites an international audience of over 700 information security professionals from 45 countries representing global business, government, the military and law enforcement agencies. The forum has gone from strength to strength over the past thirteen years and now provides a balanced mixture of strategic talks and technical breakout sessions.

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London, United Kingdom

8-9 juin 2015

9th Annual International Forum (AIF) within the 20th German Congress on Crime Prevention (GCOCP)

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Frankfurt, Germany

8-10 juin 2015

The Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The primary purpose of the Symposium is to create an environment where international criminologists, policy makers, practitioners and others engaged in criminal policy matters can take part of the latest research findings of importance for crime policy. The participants will be able to discuss strategies, methods and measures to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society.

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Stockholm, Sweden

15-17 juillet 2015

6th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Prevention and Detection (ICDP 2015)

The 6th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP-15) aims to create an important networking forum in which participants can discuss the present and future of image-based technologies for crime detection and prevention. ICDP (and its predecessor IDSS) has traditionally been a special meeting point of different disciplines (computer science, social science, engineering, management, etc.) and an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to discuss the many different aspects of the application of imaging technologies in this socially crucial domain. For more information, click here.

London, United Kingdom