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What is EUCPN?

The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) was set up on 28 May 2001 and then re-established on 30 November 2009 by a Council Decision.

Contact List

The Network consists of a nominated National Representative from each EU Member State, a Substitute Representative, and other crime prevention experts including practitioners and academics.
These form the contact points for the Network


About us

The main aims of the EUCPN are to:

  • identify good practices in crime prevention and to share knowledge and experience gained between member countries 
  • accumulate and evaluate information on crime prevention activities
  • improve the exchange of ideas and information within the Network
    develop contacts and facilitate cooperation between Member States
  • contribute to developing local and national strategies on crime prevention
  • promote crime prevention activities by organising meetings, seminars and conferences.

We achieve these aims through implementation of an agreed Work Programme, which consists of projects or activities relating to specific areas of crime prevention.

EUCPN Structure

The EUCPN consists of a Board of National Representatives supported by a Secretariat comprising of a Coordinator, a Research Officer and an Administrative Officer. The position of the Board Chair rotates, and until 31 December 2014 the chair is Nicola PALMIERO.


The EUCPN Board comprises an Executive Committee, voting members and non-voting observers. The Board meets at least twice a year. The voting members of the Board are responsible for decision making.

The Executive Committee is responsible for developing the Networks strategic approach for consideration by the full board and for developing and managing delivery of the EUCPN Work Programme. It is led by the Chair and is additionally composed of up to six National representatives of the Member States as well as a representative designated by the European Commission. Each Member State provides the voting members who are represented on the Board by National Representatives and their substitutes. Each Member State has one vote and decision making will be on the basis of majority as set out in Article 11 of the EUCPN Rules of Procedure.
Observers may participate in the business of the EUCPN Board, but do not have a vote. They are invited onto the Board by decision of the Board Members.


The Secretariat, located in Belgium, provides administrative, academic and technical support to the Network as a whole as well as specific support services to the Chair and Executive Committee.


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